We are a team of innovators who wish to use our skills in engineering, health science, education and art in combination with the best aspects of our culture and personalities to provide a selection of services that will Brighten someone else’s day and Enforce better communication and connection among people.


To provide meaningful and innovative services for a variety of industries.


To engage the imagination and hearts of people through knowledge and art, inspiring change and growth.

“African, Hispanic, White are all together in this place but the only group represented here, is simply the human race”

Meet our Team

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Carolina Smales

CEO & Founder

Carolina is an engineer native of Venezuela. She is also an Analytics Consultant who assists leaders in improving their operations based on data visualizations, using Business Intelligence platforms. She has more than 14 years of experience in a variety of strategic roles in Healthcare, and has worked for Carilion Clinic, Harvard University and Veterans Hospital Administration. She is an author and co-author of medical abstracts and publications.

Furthermore, Carolina is an artist by heart, and she finds great fulfillment in connecting with others through her singing and writing. In 2017 Carolina founded PerSUNality – “Bright to Brighten Someone’s Day”, a company that offers cultural development programs as well as different specialized services involving education, engineering, technology, innovation and Art. With her company, Carolina wishes to incentivize people use their brilliant talents and abilities towards meaningful causes. She hopes to captivate other individuals, organizations and businesses with unique modes of communication to empower social health.

Carolina has participated in multiple cultural initiatives with Local Colors, HACIENDA of Roanoke, SOMOS Virginia, Blue Ridge Literacy, Fashionista Roanoke, NuFocus Media and COLORS VA Magazine.

Alexander Scott

JOI Neuron developers and collaborators