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JOI Neuron at the Gauntlet

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Our team of Innovators PERSUNALITY presented JOI Neuron at the Gauntlet ( Virginia’s Largest Business Competition ) . JOI Neuron is an strategy of Substance Abuse prevention based on Neuroscience education with a focus on children. JOI Neuron will involve a live game and workshops, board games, video games, books, toys and much more ! . Our team of engineers, doctors, educators and artists will create forever- lasting memories to empower children to build their strength and to avoid risky behaviors in the future .

International Women’s Month at Roanoke College

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Carolina performed at Roanoke College alongside her friend, local musician Jose A. Mendoza from Honduras during a poetry recital organized by the department of modern languages lead by professors Jose Banuelos PhD and Alba Arias PhD. It was a wonderful cultural event where the students represented in a magnificent way different stories of women throughout poems, theater and songs in celebration of the International Women’s Month. March 2019

Roanoke Latino Festival aims to share culture of Hispanic and Latino community

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Carolina Smales (Latino Festival Art& Culture Director) joins Yolanda Puyana (Founder of HACIENDA) to talk about the Latino Festival 2017 at channel WBDJ7

For more than a decade, huge crowds of people have gathered at Elmwood Park to celebrate Hispanic heritage at the Roanoke Latino Festival with music, food, dancing, and more.

“It’s always been the opportunity that we the Latino community have to celebrate our heritage,”said Organizer Carolina Smales.

Carolina Smales is the art and culture director for non-profit group Hacienda, who organizes the event each year. She says they want to not only celebrate their culture but also share it.


Culture Writing at Colors VA Magazine

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Several Culture writers from PERSUNALITY contribute to the Latin Corner of the Colors VA magazine. Check out this article “Holding on to my heritage” by Carolina Smales, describing her journey as an immigrant while celebrating her Hispanic roots


Carolina Smales announces the 27th Local Colors Festival in WDJ7 and shares about the Venezuelan’s traditional dance of “Joropo”

Carolina Smales from PERSUNALITY joins Gregory Cooper from Colors VA to share about the Latin American Culture and to Introduce the JOI- Hispanic Culture Competition 2018 at the segment of Living Local in WXFR



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Performers from Venezuela who often invite talented dancers and musicians to share cultural insights with songs in Spanish and English.

TRICOLOR from the Roanoke

Latino Festival 2016

Virginia Humanities supports the Local Colors Festival 2017

with the participation of TRICOLOR

TRICOLOR performs ‘Alma Llanera’

at the Festival Latino New River Valley Virginia USA 2018

Treatment of OSA

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Treatment of OSA with CPAP Is Associated with Improvement in PTSD Symptoms among Veterans.


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common among veterans of the military, with sleep disturbance as a hallmark manifestation. A growing body of research has suggested a link between obstructive sleep apnea and PTSD, potentially due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) related sleep disruption, or via other mechanisms. We examined the hypothesis that treatment of OSA with positive airway pressure would reduce PTSD symptoms over 6 months.

Jeremy E Orr, Carolina Smales, Kathleen F Sarmiento
Published in Journal of clinical sleep medicine:

JCSM 2017


Other contributions to the development or execution of research studies

Evidence-Based Design Meets Evidence-Based Medicine: The Sound Sleep Study

National healthcare quality surveys have found that noise in hospitals is an urgent oncern. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the impact of hospital noise on all stages of human sleep by developing sleep arousal probability threshold curves for specific hospital-based sounds.

VHA Innovation Program: Remote Veteran Apnea

A web-based clinical management pathway for veterans with OSA


Health Science and Research

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Sleep and Neuroscience

Carolina Smales was part of the Medical Chronobiology Program (MCP) at Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Harvard Medical School has a long and distinguished history in basic research in the fields of sleep and circadian rhythms and is home to advanced programs of both clinical care and patient-oriented research on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Review some of Carolina’s publications during her work at the MCP :

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