Our team of Bilingual (Spanish -English) Industrial Engineers ( Quality & Safety experience), Electric Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Informatics Engineers and Statisticians assist companies in the execution of various tasks and contribute towards their productivity: Including but not limited to: Creation of Operation Manuals, Autocad and Inventor Design and Statistical Analyses.


Our Technology services include website, software and phone applications development.
Let our team of creative Informatic engineers, designers and artists develop unique engaging tools for you!.
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Our specialized Data Analyst and Statisticians bring to life this service where we help you make sense of large sets of Data! Let our professionals assist you using multiple Business Intelligence Tools in tracking: Key Performance Indicators, Process improvement, Financial vitality and more!

Specialized Spanish

Our PerSUNality team consists of a multidisciplinary professional group with diverse experiences and a long list of talents! Through this service, we offer products for various purposes in SPANISH, including written and spoken materials!

We have the ability to convey messages both in ENGLISH & SPANISH with not only proper grammar and language literacy but also CULTURAL MINDFULNESS.